Insurance Systems Incorporated is a step forward in the employee- benefit arena.  We offer employers a way out of the mire of heavy employee health-benefit costs and lost time and effort trudging through exceedingly complex state and federal regulations.  The staff and services from Insurance Systems let employers return to putting their time and energy back into making their business succeed.

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Insurance Systems, Inc is proud to introduce Insurance Systems Management, LLC, a comprehensive A/R billing service for physicians and clinic settings. Backed by 25 years experience as third-party payers and processing of over $100,000,000 in medical claims, we are convinced that we can quickly enhance your office productivity.

The advantages of the services that ISM offers are limitless: accounts will be reviewed, insurance claims submitted, and patients billed daily. This expediency generates a more consistent and greater financial return, freeing the physician's staff to offer improved quality care to the ever-expanding patient population.

As a physician, you can rest assured that your business is our utmost priority. We welcome the opportunity to show you how we can improve your existing practice through streamlined scheduling, more accurate and cleaner claims filing and a faster conversion of billing to revenue. The reporting features, an impressive element of our system, can be tailored to your practice needs.

Under the direction of Steve Haedicke, ISM combines administrative proficiency with hands-on experience in the team of Ginger Shemwell and Karen Barnhill. Together representing over 25 years of skill and training, Ginger will direct the technical / operational aspect of ISM, while Karen will focus on sales and marketing. Both the experience and reputation of Insurance Systems back up our commitment to physicians of providing a uniquely professional servicing of accounts receivable needs.


Multi-Schedule capability
(Practice with more than one physician can maintain multiple schedules)

Managing patient information & patient arrival
(Updating patient information can be done at patient arrival.  Patient arrival noted in system that can be accessed from any office computer.)

Claims cleaning and processing
(All claims go through internal validation and review to ensure accuracy.)

Electronic Remittance Advice (optional)
(Electronic loading and posting of insurance EOB 's)

Reporting (financial & insurance analysis)
(Reimbursement Analysis - Daily & monthly summary - Managed care analysis - Insurance charge and performance analysis)

Scanning & imaging capability
(Copies of insurance cards, medication list, Power of Attorney, insurance authorizations, physician referrals, insurance EOB 's. . . .all part of electronic file)

Superbill customization
(Design and change your superbill header as necessary. Edit CPT & ICD-9 codes as needed.)

Electronic patient statements (optional)
(Flexible schedule options)

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