Insurance Systems Incorporated is a step forward in the employee- benefit arena.  We offer employers a way out of the mire of heavy employee health-benefit costs and lost time and effort trudging through exceedingly complex state and federal regulations.  The staff and services from Insurance Systems let employers return to putting their time and energy back into making their business succeed.

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Founded in 1984, Insurance Systems has been a third party administrator specializing in the design and administration of self-funded, employer-sponsored medical plans and Section 125 cafeteria plans.  ISI has expanded its services to include both re-pricing and total management for claims as more and more employers are seeking a complete managed care solution as a means to control the rapid escalation of costs in group health claims.  More recently, ISI has two new ventures that will put our administrative expertise to use in a niche, property and casualty product and physician billing.

Of key importance to our ability to respond to the needs of the marketplace is our constant emphasis on providing superior information-management systems.  Insurance Systems has invested in the future by completely revamping our data-processing environment.  Operating within a Windows NT LAN, our FACTS software provides a relational database enabling us to manage the information flow and provide truly meaningful reporting for our clients' HIPAA-compliant employee health plans.  The ISI FACTS system also provides secure web access to eligibility and claim files for our clients and their employees in addition to status and EDI for providers. Our six years of experience with debit-card technology has provided our flexible spending account clients with a tremendous increase in employee participation and contributions, resulting in significant payroll tax benefits.  We are in an excellent position to utilize the debit-card technology in the administration of Health Reimbursement Accounts and other consumer-driven health plans.

Management of Insurance Systems is under the direction of Stephen H. Haedicke, who has over twenty-five years of experience in health plan administration in addition to an investment banking background in New York and Houston. Ginger F. Shemwell, with over fifteen years of experience in health-plan administration ranging from claims examiner to CFO duties, is the Operations and Claims Director for ISI.  Ginger's extensive knowledge of technology applications, combined with her practical administrative background, ensures an operating environment excelling in customer service.  Glenn Eskew manages the Consumer-Driven Healthcare Administration and Information Systems for ISI.  Glenn's background includes over twenty years in customer service as well as associations with national third-party administrators and insurance companies. Ricky J. Williams, an accomplished software developer with ten years experience in insurance applications, serves as a software and systems consultant.  The consulting actuary for Insurance Systems is Robert O. Dausman, a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries.

Claims examiners with many years of benefit-administration experience, staff the Insurance Systems claims department.  Our claims examiners attend many industry claim schools and take every opportunity to broaden their knowledge of emerging health plan innovations and technology. The entire staff, several of whom have been with Insurance Systems since its inception, views their function as being one of claims management as opposed to mere claims paying. 

Insurance Systems, a member of the Self Insurance Institute of America, remains committed to delivering the very best in TPA services to the employee health and flexible compensation market while eagerly embracing the challenges of the new consumer-driven health-care marketplace.     

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